W O R D S   O F   C O N D O L E N C E S 

CALUNAH expresses its deepest condolences to the Charles, Auguste, and Dorval families, their extended relatives, colleagues and friends.  May God comfort us all! 


Listed below are three gentlemen who, throughout their lifetime, were highly skilled in their respective careers, admired within their communities, and remained outstanding Christian servants until the very end.  We mourn the passing of these distinguished leaders:

Me Fresnel Charles - IMG-20200506-WA0000

Mr. Fresnel Charles (deceased: April 2020)

Former Professor of Mathematics, Dean and VP of Student Affairs

Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH), Diquini, Port-au-Prince

Mr. Marc Auguste - IMG-20200506-WA0004.j

Mr. Marc Auguste (deceased: April 2020)

Former Teacher, Administrator & University Church Organist-in-Residence

Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH), Diquini, Port-au-Prince

Former Church Organist/Pianist

Bethel French SDA Church, Irvington, New Jersey (USA)

Rabaut Dorval - IMG_10341-1.jpg

Mr. Rabaut Dorval (deceased: April 2020)

Former Student

Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH), Diquini, Port-au-Prince

Respiratory Therapist

Silver Spring, Maryland (USA)

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