Ongoing Initiatives



One Meal-a-Day Program

This is a program carried out by our Association since 2017, to provide meals to students who otherwise would go to bed with empty stomach most of the time during the school year.  The program operates during 10 months, from October through July.


This program is solely supported by the generosity of donors like you. This is an unique opportunity to participate in a worthy cause that might bring satisfaction and blessings.


The next step is to write your check-donation (Tax-deductible) payable to CALUNAH and be confident that needy students at the Université Adventiste d’Haiti will be fed through your financial support. You can also donate through our website via Paypal. 

(The donation icon is shown at the bottom of our homepage)

CALUNAH:  Association of Alumni and Friends of the Adventist University of Haiti in the diaspora
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