Nelta Philogene

Baldwin, New York

As a proud Calunahan, I congratulate the members of the Executive Committee of CALUNAH for the effort and energy they put in to bring together the former students and employees of the Adventist University of Haiti, so we can help make Diquini a great place again. CALUNAH can always count on my support because I believe in the work  that they do. 

Jacquelin Germain

Palm Bay, Florida

As a United States Postal employee and a small business owner, I am very busy. However, I chose to serve as the treasurer of CALUNAH because I believe in this organization's determination to make a difference. I firmly believe that because of CALUNAH's capacity to bring people together, it will, in a not-so-distant future, contribute a great deal to making the Adventist University of Haiti a better place.

Jean-Claude Castor

Long Island, New York

As a former president of CALUNAH, the Alumni Association of UNAH, I will always give back to the Adventist University of Haiti, the school that has contributed a great deal to making me the enlightened person that I am today. 

Eddy Alexandre

Long Island, New York

As a professional working in the computing world, I am for ever indebted to Diquini.  It was there that I developed the understanding of the logarithmic functions that led to my becoming of the professional that I am today. I will always support any project whose purpose is to help make the Adventist University of Haiti a better place.

Witly Paul

Dix Hills, New York

I support CALUNAH because I firmly believe in the transformative power of Adventist Education.

Gueus Robert

West Babylon, New York

By supporting the Adventist University of Haiti, we tell the world how much we are grateful to the institutions that have contributed to making us the professionals that we are today.

Marie Cesar

Miami, Florida

I have always been a supporter of Adventist Education. I am grateful for the privilege I was given to serve as a CALUNAH official. Such a position creates for me the opportunity to give back.

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