In Memoriam


Over the years, CALUNAH has witnessed the departure of a number of its members from our beloved planet. It is always with sadness that CALUNAH attends these funerals, where it has made it customary to extend words of condolences and comfort to the families of these departed CALUNAH members.

It is with sorrow that we present to you a list of CALUNAH members and supporters who have left us.

Other remarkable individuals include: 

Ms.Paulette Noezil

Mr. Eric Désir
Mr. Hermane Augustin
Mr. Albert Painson
Pr. Abdonel Abel

Mr. Norman Brown

Mr. Francois Jean-Pierre

Ms. Léa Résilien

Pst. Colbert Calixte 

Pst. Joseph St. Jean

 Eng. Fréderic  Emmanuel                                

Pst. René Gauthier                               

Dr. Elysée Bastien

Pst. Kelly Desronville

Monfiston Jean-Marie

Prof. Fleurange Cherenfant

Dr. André Célestin


Pst. Bécel Dubreuze


Pst. Ner Jean-Pierre


Pst. Nathanael Myrtil

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