The Way We Were
Can you recognize yourself?

Are you not proud of the person that you have become? 

Attending the University of Haiti is the best thing that has happened to many of us.

That is why as members of CALUNAH, we are determined to help make the Adventist University of Haiti a better place.

If we are the church  ministers, the teachers, the computer scientists, the doctors, lawyers, mechanics, to name these few professions,  that we are today,  it's ,without doubt, because of the priviledge we had to attend Diquini.

We ask all of ou to join us in our effort to make Diquini a better place.


Let's stay connected and let us support UNAH!

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CALUNAH: Association  of Alumni and Friends of the Adventist University of Haiti in the diaspora
P. O. Box 110373  |  Palm Bay, FL 32908
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