CALUNAH's Central Florida Chapter Honors

     Two Outstanding Men of our Community

Emeritus Educators and Illustrious Former Presidents of

    L' Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH)    

  Dr. Michel L. Porcena  

Former Professor and University President


Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH), Diquini, Port-au-Prince

Former Pastor and Guidance Counselor

Eden French SDA Church, Miami, Florida, USA

(35 years of service)

  Dr. Serge E. L. Vernet  

Former Professor and University President


Université Adventiste d'Haïti (UNAH), Diquini, Port-au Prince

Former Professor

Cornerstone Christian University, Orlando, Florida, USA (60 years of service)

Join us for this grand and joyous celebration

Saturday  |  July 18, 2020  |  6pm to 8:30pm

To attend, connect via:


Facebook Live:  https://www.facebook.com/Calunah-Central-Florida-Chapter -112331663847960/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCna1eSSweGoxwsdPZq4HO2Q?viewas=subscribe



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