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History of CALUNAH

Dr_ Roberne & Mme Lynouse Saint Louis_jp.webp

Co-founders Pictured:

Dr. Roberne J. Saint-Louis
Mrs. Lynouse Dubreuze Saint-Louis

CALUNAH came into existence thanks to the grand initiative of Pastor Roberne and Mrs. Lynouse Dubreuze Saint-Louis, both former students of the Adventist University of Haiti (UNAH).  Indeed, upon having returned from their home country where they had the opportunity to travel on the campus of Diquini, they set up a program to bring together all UNAH nationals and to turn their eyes towards the beloved  Alma Mater. 

It was with this idea in mind that on Saturday, December 13, 1993, an imposing group consisting of more than one-hundred fifty (150) former UNAH students, employees, and supporter friends met at the former Haitian restaurant La Détente, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the nation at the time.  During that special occasion, an administrative core was appointed under the supervision of Dr. Ezéchias Jean, then President of UNAH, in order to constantly follow up on this viable enterprise. That first committee was thus constituted as follows:

  • Pastor Roberne J. Saint Louis: President; 

  • Mrs. Emmanuela St-Jean: Vice-President; 

  • Mr. Mirabeau Jean and Mr. Joel D. Gomez: Treasurers; 

  • Mr. Robert Guéus and Pasteur Nicodème Myrthil: Secretaries; 

  • Mrs. Lynouse D. Saint-Louis: Public Relations; 

  • Dr. Roland Brutus and Dr. Gaston Valcin: Counselors. 

The first step of that committee was to find an official name for its new association. Among several other options, the acronym CALUNAH – Club des Alumni de L’Université Adventiste d’Haiti (which means Alumni Club of the Adventist University of Haiti) – was retained. Almost every year thereafter, mainly in December, an evening of reunion would take place, with the objective of producing an ever-increasing curve of the membership of the young association.  In February 2000, CALUNAH was granted non-profit status. 

CALUNAH did not experience a path void of turbulence. On the contrary, it faced more than enough challenges to bring about its annihilation. However, thanks to the guidance of the Almighty God, coupled with the support of many, the organization was able to survive and even celebrate its 10th anniversary, on December 8th, 2003. 


CALUNAH has grown tremendously and is now comprised of more than 1,000 members and official correspondents within various regions of the United States. We wish it a long life and a happy pursuit of its goals.

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