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Our Work

Over the course of its existence, CALUNAH Executive Committee, its regional chapters and members, have undertaken - both respectively and collectively - multiple programs, ground-breaking initiatives, social gatherings, fundraising events, benefit concerts, etc.  These various occasions are great tools not only for all alumni to stay connected, but also serve to strengthen our efforts, energize our souls, and deepen our resolve to continually raise the bar towards fulfilling our mission and goals.


CALUNAH thanks everyone who has contributed valuable time, energy, resources, while extending much patience and dedication into making these activities a success.  Get involved in your Chapter's activities and share your ideas. CALUNAH welcomes your collaboration and solicits your continued support, as wonderful activities are being planned throughout the year. 


Thank you for your participation and generous contributions.


Below are some of the high-valued projects financed by CALUNAH:

  • Funded one-third (1/3) of New Chairs Project for UNAH's Auditorium

  • Several cases of books for the Main Library

  • Giant equipment for the Lawn Maintenance Department

  • Electrical System providing Light for the Dorms

  • Bridge over “Doux Refuge” ("Sweet Refuge" Campus Park) Stream

  • Partial cost of installing Wireless Internet on campus

  • Sent supporting delegations after the 2010 Earthquake

  • Delivered scholarships for disadvantaged students

  • Financed purchase of Musical Instruments for the University Band

  • Provided funds/resources for the 'One-Meal-a-Day' program for students

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