CALUNAH, who partners in Philanthropy, is a not-for-profit corporation, established since 1993 in order to serve wherever there is an exhibited need and more specifically in our own Haitian community. CALUNAH is dedicated to provide scholarships and financial assistance toward maintaining our schools, and even participating in construction projects. We are dedicated to connect alumni, students, and friends in lifelong support of the Adventist University of Haiti and each other throughout the diaspora.

OUR VISION:  Make the Adventist University of Haiti stronger. 



We keep our promises. Our reputation rests on honesty, fairness, and treating everyone with respect.

We go the extra mile. We provide the highest levels of service to our members, the university, and all alumni.

We pursue excellence in what we do and how we do it.

Our success depends on continuous improvement and openness to new ideas.

We believe in the Adventist University of Haiti. We cherish the university's rich and vibrant history and work to enhance its reputation.

Our humanitarian mission is 'sans frontières' (without borders). However, our main focus is education.  Here are some of our goals and objectives:


  • Intensify the recruitment process and keep a more up-to-date database.


  • Have a more modern website (which is already in construction) available to all our members and friends in order to assure a better communication network with everybody.


  • Restructure CALUNAH at its administrative level for a better service to all our constituency  throughout the United States and Canada.


  • Organize two major events each year of which one will be strictly socio-cultural, the other humanitarian.


  • Our major objective is to propose and financially support the project of a new Administrative building for l’UNAH, given the fact that the existing bâtiment central has barely the capacity to accommodate an elementary school.


  • Last, but not least, organize a CALUNAH mission trip to Haïti in the context of the great 'corvée' to rebuild the country.

CALUNAH:  Association  of Alumni and Friends of the Adventist University of Haiti in the diaspora
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