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CALUNAH is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. We provide scholarships and financial assistance for students and raise funds to support local infrastructures. Our executive committee is comprised of professionals of diverse career paths, and oversees five (5) active regional Chapters in the United States:


New York

New England 

Washington-DC, Maryland, & Virginia (DMV)

South Florida

Central Florida


To build strong communities in both Haiti and abroad through education and communal engagement.


CALUNAH is dedicated to provide scholarships and financial assistance toward maintaining student learning and school infrastructure.


Our humanitarian mission is 'sans frontières' (without borders) which means that we endeavor to support students from all walks of life.


CALUNAH remains a progressive network of strength, togetherness, and service to its large constituency of faithful alumni, students, friends, and supporters.


Our mission is to provide continuous support to communities through scholarships, construction projects and financial assistance.

Emphasizing Educational Advancement

Our main focus is education. Some of our goals are:

  • Intensify the recruitment process and keep a more up-to-date database.


  • Restructure CALUNAH at its administrative level for a better service to all our constituency world.


  • Organize two major events each year of which one will be strictly socio-cultural, the other humanitarian.


  • Finally, organize a CALUNAH mission trip to Haïti in the context of the great 'corvée' to rebuild the country.


We keep our promises. Our reputation rests on honesty, fairness, and treating everyone with respect.


We go the extra mile. We provide the highest levels of service to our members, the university, and all alumni.


We pursue excellence in both what we do and how we do it.


Our success depends on continuous improvement and openness to new ideas.

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