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Executive Committee

CALUNAH remains a progressive network of strength, togetherness, and service to its large constituency of faithful alumni, students, friends, and supporters. Our executive committee is comprised of professionals of diverse career paths, and oversees five (5) active regional Chapters in the United States:


New York

New England

Washington-DC, Maryland, & Virginia (DMV)

South Florida

Central Florida

High Fives
Dr. Roberne J Saint Louis - Chairman Pic.JPG

Dr. Roberne Saint Louis

Board of Directors Chairman

Lynouse D. Saint Louis.JPG

Lynouse D. Saint Louis

Executive Editor

Gueus Robert Pic.jpg

Gueus Robert

Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

JnClaude Castor #2 pic.jpg

Jean-Claude Castor 

Advisor & Scholarship Commission Leader


Bécel Dubreuze, Jr.

Executive President

Jacquelin Germain Pic .jpg

Jacquelin Germain

Executive Treasurer


Witly Paul

Finance Commissioner

JClaude Blaise Pic.jpg

Jean-Claude Blaise

Advisor & Internal Information Liaison

Dr Luc Pierre.jpg

Dr. Luc Pierre 

Executive Vice President

Moselle Bossous Pic .jpg

Moselle Bossous 

Communications Executive Director

Ivaline O.Charles Pic - IMG_2278.JPG

Ivaline O. Charles  Membership Executive Director


Nedeline Robert

Executive Secretary

Will Charles Pic .jpg

Will Charles

IT Executive Director


Dominique Ceasar


Marilyn Jean Picture_JPG.webp

Marilyn Jean

Scholarship Executive Director

Past Presidents

CALUNAH thanks those who have provided past presidential leadership:

  • Dr.  Roberne Saint Louis

  • Dr.  Bordes Henry Saturné

  • Mr.  Gueus Robert

  • Mr.  Jean-Claude Castor 

  • Mr.  Jean-Claude Blaise

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