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CALUNAH Membership Drive 

Why Should You Become a Member of CALUNAH?


All alumni and friends of the Adventist University of Haiti as well as supporters of Christian education are encouraged to join the organization to stay connected to the university. By staying connected, you will join a national network of five (5) energetic Chapters disseminated all over the United States.  


Your membership with CALUNAH strengthens the Adventist University, increases the value of your UNAH degree, and provides programs and services for fellow alumni and students nationwide.


As a member, you can run for office, vote in leadership elections, and play an integral part in the decision-making process of your respective Chapter.


As a non-profit organization, CALUNAH is 100 percent supported by the generous donations of its diverse community of members and friends from every walk of life. The membership fee is money paid by the members of CALUNAH to support the everyday activities of the organization. The money is used to support many activities that benefit the members as well.


The yearly membership fee is $50.00 for the public and $25 dollars for full-time students.


Member Benefits - Your membership entitles you to the following association-sponsored benefits:


· Membership meetings, seminars, workshops, get-togethers, receptions, mentor programs, educational sessions, social gatherings, trips, lectures/seminars, and career workshops.


· FREE subscription to the bi-annual newsletter/magazine designed to inform and connect members, alumni, and friends about current endeavors, projects, and events within the organization.


The most valuable benefits of joining CALUNAH are materialized in the potential achievement to       laying the groundwork for the success of future graduates, and building strong, lasting relationships with the Adventist University of Haiti (UNAH).

As a member of CALUNAH, you will be invited to all events sponsored by the organization, including:


· 15% discount on all events organized by CALUNAH, except for Fundraising banquets/events 

· 5% discount from any business that partners with CALUNAH

· Membership card

More benefits will be announced soon by the Board of Directors.



Sample of CALUNAH Membership card


Join the alumni association today by visiting us at

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