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CALUNAH Fundraising Gala 2022

In its continued effort to support the Adventist University of Haiti, CALUNAH organized a fundraising gala which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Long Island on October 9, 2022. This gathering was attended by more than 230 alumni and supporters of Adventist Education who pledged to provide support as alumni to help the school rebuild and/or restructure the men’s and women’s dormitories.

During this occasion, CALUNAH publicly honored some key figures who have served the school as teachers, administrators, and supporters of CALUNAH’s mission.


CALUNAH also honored some of its leaders who, over the years, have contributed their time and funds to help advance the cause embraced for almost thirty years.


The following pictures give us a glimpse at the joyful atmosphere shared by participants who traveled from far and wide to enjoy that special gathering.

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