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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit special news, (wedding, new baby birth, death, appointments, etc.)?

If you would like to share your special moments and achievements in Alumni Infoline, please e-mail: CALUNAH of South Florida at Depending on when the information is received, the update will appear in our database and on this website.

Where is the office of Alumni Relations & Planned Giving?

The office of Alumni Relations & Planned Giving is located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on the main campus of L'Université Adventiste d’Haiti.

Is there an alumni chapter in my area?

Currently, we have alumni chapters in five (5) locations within North America:

  • New York,

  • Boston,

  • Tri-States of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV),

  • South Florida, and

  • Central Florida


How can I get involved as an alumnus/alumna?

There are many ways to get involved as an alumnus/alumna, whether you live locally or half way across the globe! Some of the opportunities include – involvement in one of our Chapters. Registering your membership online will allow you to reconnect with old friends and professors, or facilitate your networking with alumni.


Online Donations:

Like all independent organizations, the ‘Club of Alumni of the Université Adventiste d’Haiti’ (CALUNAH) relies on the support of alumni-members, and friends to sustain our programs. Your charitable gift enables our organization to grow and expand, and allows us to continue to support the University in its projects, and to make Christian education available to students from diverse economic backgrounds.

We are a registered State/Federal charitable society and all donations are tax-deductible. 

Thank you for your generous donation!


Why giving?

Dear Alumni, friends, families, parents, community members, fellow supporters of Université Adventiste d’Haiti:

About twenty years ago, a group of alumni scattered in the United States decided it would be a good idea to get together and establish an Association to reconnect former students, employees, and friends of the Seminaire Adventiste d’Haiti. This organization would work to benefit diverse project of UNAH, their Alma mater. Ever since, CALUNAH has been working to maintain relations between Alumni abroad and to benefit Université Adventiste d’Haiti (UNAH).

What is the Annual Giving Campaign?

The Annual Giving Campaign is a direct appeal to Alumni, former employees, parents, grandparents and other relatives, alumni families, friends and acquaintances, for financial contributions in support of CALUNAH projects and to benefit Université Adventiste d’Haiti.

Why is Annual Giving necessary?

CALUNAH Executive Committee establishes projects in partnership with the University for which we raise funds. Those projects are financed by donations received from donors like you. Our adopted projects are reviewed on a yearly basis. We try to engage in short-term projects that allow us to evaluate our efforts quickly, and give a vital report to our donors. Annual Giving Campaign helps us accomplish that goal.


Are there other fundraising activities at CALUNAH besides the Annual Giving Campaign?

Yes. In addition to asking everyone in our Executive Committee and our registered members to participate in Annual Giving, we have ongoing projects each year that also raise funds, such as our Annual Assembly, Special donors, and so many SDA Churches who warmly and generously welcome our Association in their midst, every year for the past seven years.

How important is Annual Giving to CALUNAH?

Very important… your donation gifts and the positive support generated by volunteers and donors create enthusiasm and encourage others to join you in supporting our cause. It is an important indicator to foundations and major donors that we have consistent support from our community.

How much should I give?
Normally, we encourage members to contribute about $8.50 monthly. However, you are the only one who knows how much you are able to give, and we ask only that you give to the best of your ability. The act of giving is more than the monetary result. Whatever you decide to donate will make a difference.

How do I give? (All donations are Tax-Deductible)

  1. Donate online via Zelle.

  2. Make your check payable to CALUNAH and mail it to the address below.

  3. Fill out an Annual Giving Pledge Card  and submit it online or email it to our address listed below:




P. O. Box 110373

Palm Bay, FL 32908

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