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Editor-in-Chief Opening Remarks

by Gueus Robert

Esteemed readers, Welcome to the first edition of PERSPECTIVES, the official publication of CALUNAH, an organization established to help make the Adventist University of Haiti (UNAH) a better place while expanding its broad philanthropic goals without borders. I present my utmost thanks to CALUNAH’s executive board members who elected me editor-in-chief of the CALUNAH newsletter. I know that this task will be challenging, but I am convinced that the team of professionals who are willing to collaborate has the ethical values that will guide their thinking and their sense of responsibility.​

We congratulate and thank Dr. Agniel Samson for the sacrifice he has made by writing in a short period of time “Pourquoi Es-tu Descendu?”, an outstanding article in which he brilliantly urges us of the duty to contribute to the development of our establishments through our continued support, both financial and moral. We also thank Professor Francillon Damus for his article “Les Caprices du Français” in which he elevates our awareness of the importance of paying attention to the rules of the French language. We take our hats off to Becel Dubreuze, Jr. and Marilyn Jean for their article on the establishment of the CALUNAH Family/Memorial Scholarship Program. Our words of deep appreciation are extended to Pastor Amos Touseul for his article “Un Vent Nouveau Souffle à l’Université Adventiste d’Haïti” whereby he depicts the most recent progress made by the school by which we are very encouraged. I warmly acknowledge the rich contributions of my humble collaborators Jean-Claude Blaise, Francillon Damus, Moselle Bossous and Lynouse D. Saint-Louis, for their insights, recommendations, and refined editing skills. The making of the first issue of this newsletter would not have been possible without their valuable input, sacrificial time and dedication. We wish you happy reading! Our hope is that you will be delighted to savor the articles, and infused with the necessary motivation to be totally convinced to join CALUNAH in the pursuit of its humanitarian and divine mission. Guéus Robert, Editor-In-Chief

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