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Making A Positive Impact: Highlights of Events and Donors’ Generosity

By Moselle Bossous

The year 2020 came and surprised us all. As the world suddenly found itself engulfed by great uncertainty and concerns of an unknown pandemic, the harsh reality of being on lockdown, unable to see and interact with one another, was heavy to bear. With such gloomy atmosphere, rays of hope and elements of positive thinking were deeply needed to help us cope. Certainly, life has been quite challenging the past two years (individually and globally). Yet, through it all, CALUNAH has been privileged to nurture a strong partnership with wonderful donors, supporters and friends like you. Thus, despite being at the height of the pandemic climate, we became invigorated with a renewed purpose-driven mindset. Our regional Chapters came up with wonderful programs that were presented via Zoom. An overview of events from 2020 to 2022 are worth being highlighted:

1) District of Columbia/Maryland- Virginia (DMV) president, Mrs. Ivaline Obas-Charles: · Evening of “Adoration and Praise to God" - full of joyous music, speeches, and skits as we reminisced on our happy times at Diquini. · Membership drive: to inform and welcome new members. 2) Central Florida Chapter, then led by Eng. Ernst Etienne (currently Pr. Nadine Benoit): · Dr. Lamartine Porcena and the late Dr. Serge Vernet, UNAH’s former presidents, were honored. Great music and warm accolades were beautifully rendered. · Health forum - data and discoveries about COVID-19. · Fund drive supported the UNAH Water Project. · ‘Evening of Prayer’ in solidarity with our mistreated compatriots at the border of El Paso, Texas. 3) South Florida Chapter president, Mrs. Claudine Pierre: · Six (6) pastors' wives, also former students/ employees of UNAH, were recognized during a soirée titled "Phenomenal Women." · Medical supplies donations - various items (gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, band-aids, etc.) were shipped for distribution to UNAH's staff and students. 4) New England Chapter president, Mrs. Marilyn Jean: · Established and completed three (3) terms of ESL (English as a Second Language) program with up to 30 students per session. · TPS Immigration Forum w/Q & A session - valuable data and recent updates were shared. · December holiday concert offered fantastic renditions of various musical talents, including former UNAH students. 5) New York Chapter president, Dr. Leslie Theodore: · Dr. Roberne J. and Mrs. Lynouse D. Saint-Louis, founders of CALUNAH, were honored in a special celebration. · A full day 'CALUNAH Sabbath' was held in collaboration with all the other Chapters, with divine service in the morning and a social event in the evening. · Hosted the 2022 CALUNAH Executive Banquet in New York. Additionally, the Executive Board conducted an invigorating 'Week of Prayer' (with some alumni as speakers) and a cool year-end 'Appreciation Evening' honoring all donors/supporters. With much gratitude, we salute the wonderful endeavors of all the Chapters. We also dignify the positive impact that the tangible presence of our donors has brought through the years. Your immeasurable support, generosity, encouragement, and loyalty are the driving force of every work and project we undertake. Those valuable contributions have helped us to fulfill the following: · $10,000.00: Scholarship program - sent 7/31/2020 · $20,000.00: Men's dormitory reconstruction - sent 12/1/2020 · $2,046.71: Earthquake support to South of Haiti - sent 2/2/2021 · $12,000.00: UNAH Water Project - sent 12/12/2021 · $2,000.00: Student’s lounge renovation - sent 12/20/2022 · $20,000.00: Men's dormitory ongoing renovation - sent 1/22/2022. Truly, we stand in awe of the goodness of your heart in helping us put into motion these solid projects. They could not have been done without each of you. Humbled and immensely grateful, CALUNAH wholeheartedly says: THANK YOU! Unequivocally, our donor’s generosity is what makes all the difference. Your continued partnership with us will help in all our future endeavors. We anticipate better days ahead in diligence, faith, perseverance, and goodwill as we strengthen our bond for the benefit of our beloved UNAH that leads us to "La Voie du Service" Thanks for staying on this journey with us and your fellow alumni. The best is yet to come!

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